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Water Testing NYC

Our body is the greatest treasure that we have been given and keeping it in good health should be our top priority. Since most of the diseases spread through water, it is important to keep the drinking water tested and free of contaminants. 111 Home Inspections offers water testing in NYC. Our inspectors will collect samples of drinking water and send them to our labs for testing. The samples will go through various testing methods and any issues with the quality of the water shall be revealed. Certain chemical contaminants that are sometimes found in a water source can cause long-term health problems that take years to develop. Frequent water testing will identify unsafe water and ensure that the treatment system is treating the water to a satisfactory level. To get the quality of the drinking water of your house checked, contact 111 Home Inspections today. We ensure your safety and guarantee safe drinking water.

4 Reasons To Have Your Water Lab Tested:

Water testing in NYC is very important since the quality of the water that you drink determines your health condition. If you are living in a very old house, there are chances that the water that you are drinking is the breeding ground for many harmful bacterias and other harmful elements. Here are some reasons due to which water testing becomes very important.

  • The presence of coliform bacteria in water indicates the presence of microorganisms that are harmful to us.
  • The presence of nitrates and other harmful components in drinking water is not safe for our health. The level of these elements should always be kept in check.
  • If your house is too old, it is possible that the lead plumbing system could release lead into the drinking water. This can be identified only after a water test is conducted.
  • To check the presence of excessive amounts of sulfate which can have a laxative effect or cause gastrointestinal irritation.

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