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Termite Inspection (WDI) NYC

Termites are one of the biggest problems for the homeowners who reside in a structure made of wood or having a lot of woodwork. The infestation of these pests is harmful as they eat away at the wood and weaken the structure of your home. Treatment of termite infestation should be a matter of top priority. The damage done by these insects is not visible to the untrained eyes. The surface of the wood will look fine when the termites infest but the underlying situation is completely different. These insects east away at the wood, destroying that precious woodwork and will leave behind an empty shell of the upper layer. 111 Home inspection offers its Termite Inspection (WDI) in NYC. If you suspect an infestation, contact us immediately. Our inspectors are trained and skilled enough to handle the termite infestation. We will inspect the situation thoroughly and suggest you preventive measures.

Protecting Your Property from Termite Infestations

If your home is built of wood or has a lot of woodwork involved, the one thing that you need to be wary of is termite infestation. Once wood becomes a target for these wood-destroying insects, it becomes almost impossible to treat them completely. Although some ways can be used to treat a termite infestation, it would be better to take preventive measures from the beginning. Some ways to prevent termite infestation are:

– Get rid of moisture: The presence of moisture in a wooden structure is an indication of problems. It is like an open invitation to pests. The moisture rots away the wood which gives termites an opening to attack the interiors of the wooden article.

– Maintain a distance between the soil and wood: If possible, always use concrete to make the distance between the soil and the wood. Soil inserts moisture into the wood causing decay and home for wood-destroying insects.

– Use Borate on Wood Before Priming or Painting: Borate is one of the most popular termite repellents. You can spray borate on wood before priming and painting. It soaks into the wood and essentially prevents termites from attacking and nibbling on it.

Inspecting & Identifying Termites Properly

If you think that the wooden structure of your house, or the woodwork is facing some kind of threat, even if it is a termite infestation, contact us immediately. Let our expert home inspectors help you with their tremendous knowledge of wood-destroying insects. They will identify the insect, its breed, and the size of the infestation. The home inspectors will prepare a detailed WDI inspection report which will be enclosed with high-definition photos of the infestation. You do not have to worry about the later steps. Our inspectors will guide you and will suggest curative measures to clear the infestation.


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